A subscription to the Catholic Funding Guide Online grants access to www.catholicfundingguide.com (the funding database), but not to the FADICA Members site at www.fadica.org.

Those who purchase the online Guide are considered “subscribers,” not members. Subscribers are typically grant seekers or fundraisers who purchase the online Guide, whereas a FADICA member is typically a grant making foundation or philanthropist who supports Catholic ministries or initiatives and has officially joined FADICA through the nominations and enrollment process.

FADICA itself does not make grants or accept grant applications, nor can we suggest projects to our member organizations or provide their contact information. For grant seekers, FADICA offers the only funding database made specifically for Catholic grant-seekers: The Catholic Funding Guide Online. This database lists information about nearly 1,500 funders of Catholic ministries, programs and initiatives. It includes general descriptions of funding interests, application processes, special interests (such as schools, evangelization), and contact information. The Catholic Funding Guide Online is available for an annual subscription fee.

You can find additional resources including tutorials through the Foundation Center and GuideStar, as well as the Resources section of our website.

FADICA celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016. The organization was established formally in the mid 1970’s following several years of exploration among a small group of private grant making foundations. The group felt that there would be great benefit in looking together at trends and needs in the Catholic-related charitable world, while sharing practical information and experience in philanthropy directed toward the advancement of a vital Church and the common good.

FADICA has made significant impact over its 40 years serving the needs of the Catholic community, by bringing practitioners, funders and academics together to collaborate and create solutions at scale to Church and social needs.

FADICA is a membership network of private foundations and donors supporting Catholic-sponsored programs and institutions. FADICA enables its members to be informed, involved and effective in addressing Church needs through their philanthropy.

FADICA accomplishes this mission through a variety of programs that provide ongoing education, foster the exchange of information and experience, commission research, build a spirit of fellowship and shared faith, facilitate occasional joint funding ventures, and promote interaction with Catholic leadership. The members convene in an annual meeting and symposium, usually in late January or early February, and through a retreat and symposium in the fall. FADICA also hosts occasional site visits, delegations, and regional meetings at the request of its Board and members.

In the past, symposia have examined the future of Catholic schools, the worldwide ministry of Catholic sisters, the vitality of parish life today, outreach to the poor, and giving trends in the religious world, to name a few examples. Proceedings from these meetings and FADICA research are available in our Resources section.

In addition to participating in conferences of extraordinary quality where some of the most talented Catholic and philanthropic experts and influential leaders participate, members of FADICA also receive publications keeping them up to date on significant grantmaking and foundation news, and survey research. Their involvement also enables them to participate in collaborative grantmaking projects, to educate other foundations in areas of respective interest, and to have ready access to an influential network of thought leaders and philanthropists. Read more about particular offerings and members’ testimonials in our Membership section.

Membership in FADICA is open to foundations and individual donors with a record of consistent support for Catholic initiatives, ministries and institutions.

Interested foundations and donors complete a brief nomination form that would provide background on the foundation, its origin and current interests, and how the applicant hopes to benefit from membership. Membership nominations are accepted throughout the year for consideration by the FADICA Board of Directors. To receive the nomination form or to discuss benefits and application for membership, please contact Alicia Bondanella Simon, Director of Membership.

Yes, FADICA has benefitted throughout its history by an active membership readily willing to spread the word of how this network has favorably impacted their philanthropy.  Please contact Alicia Bondanella Simon, Director of Membership, for more information.