In 1997, the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina set out to address childhood poverty in a way that many don’t think about – through the perspective of the role

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a national Catholic organization that has served people in poverty for over 170 years in the United States. Steeped in the Vincentian charism and an ethos of innovation, the Society serves in 4,400 parishes across the country with 95,000 lay Vincentian volunteers and operates 450 thrift stores. It practices a person-centered approach through programs such as home visits and spiritual development for volunteers, while also utilizing systemic change approaches such as the Bridges out of Poverty and new re-entry initiatives.

When Dave Barringer became CEO of the Society’s National Council in 2013, he was attracted to the Society’s unique fusion of tradition and social enterprise, where he felt his faith intersected with his business background and skills—and where he could practice his deeply held values of a personal, local, and faith-based approach in a national setting. In our interview with Dave, we asked him how the Society achieves this balance and to share with us other elements that make the Society unique. 

The philanthropy of FADICA members has touched the lives of people on the margins in nearly every corner of the globe and in communities all across this country. How better to convey the collective impact and beautiful spirit of the members of FADICA, than through their own words and the words of those who have inspired them throughout the years?