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FADICA’s Catholic Social Innovation Initiative seeks to expand the understanding, practice, and support for high impact social innovation within discrete sectors of Catholic ministry. The initiative identifies uniquely Catholic, innovative, high-impact approaches through the research and discovery of one particular challenge or issue each year for three years.

Global Refugee Crisis

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FADICA's report, Catholic Social Innovation in the Global Refugee Crisis, identifies 64 Catholic projects worldwide that are innovatively helping refugees and migrants. Additionally, the report proposes a working definition for Catholic social innovation and outlines 12 funding principles and practices for supporting Catholic social innovation, applicable to all faith-based or secular social innovative efforts.

FADICA partnered with a research team from Boston College’s Center for Social Innovation to produce the report.

Press Coverage

The innovative ways Catholic groups are helping migrants and refugees by Michael O'Loughlin (America Magazine)

Catholic groups use 'social innovation' to help refugees by Heidi Schlumpf (National Catholic Reporter)

Migration aid project study focuses on ‘Catholic social innovation’ by Mark Pattison (Catholic News Service)

How Nuns Are Helping With Migration Crisis Prof. Tiziana Dearing's interview on NECN's The Take


This visual plots the locations of Catholic social innovation in serving refugees and migrants featured in the report. These projects are a representation, not an exhuastive list, of Catholic social innovation in the refugee crisis. A list of projects featured in the report are found in the Executive Summary.

Red dots = Catholic-led projects; green dots = Sister-led projects



Parish Vitality

Through the stewardship of the Church Vitality Affinity Group and following valuable member feedback at the February 2019 annual meeting, FADICA has launched the second sector focus of its Catholic Social Innovation Initiative. This year of the initiative will dive deeply into innovations in parish vitality and unearth promising approaches to sustaining vital parish communities.