Member Programs

Member Working Groups

FADICA’s Member Affinity Groups provide the perfect platform for member-to-member joint learning and action in critical areas of Catholic philanthropy. Members explore current issues, network with other thought leaders, communicate common concerns, and consider new possibilities for impact – providing a practical and generative environment for putting faith into action.

Catholic Schools

FADICA members are among nationally-known leaders and entrepreneurs in revitalizing Catholic schools and preserving this treasure in our Church and in our communities.

The Catholic Schools Affinity Group nourishes this commitment and interest by focusing on innovative and research-based exploration of Catholic schools’ greatest challenges – including financial management, leadership development, access to education for children in poverty, and governance. The group meets at least six times per year: in person at the annual meeting and five conference calls per year. The latest publication produced by the Catholic Schools affinity group, Breathing New Life into Catholic Schools: An Exploration of Governance Models is available for purchase here.

Church Vitality

FADICA members have a rich history of supporting the vitality of the Church.

This commitment continues today through the Church Vitality/ Women Religious Affinity Group which is dedicated to the intentional reflection upon and response to today’s needs within Church. The first topic chosen by the group, Women Religious, resulted in a comprehensive report and website,, which compiled and analyzed contemporary research about today’s Catholic sisters. The group also explores topics related to leadership and parish vitality.

International Philanthropy

The International Philanthropy Affinity Group focuses on participating in the global common good by exploring the short and long term needs among vulnerable people and their families across the world. Topic areas relate to global development, international grantmaking, human trafficking, migration/refugees, global health, and beyond.

Giving special attention to Catholic-sponsored initiatives and institutions, this group explores strategies and impact models that embody solidarity and a preferential option for the poor. The latest report produced by the International Philanthropy affinity group, A Call To Impact and Solidarity in the Wake of Ebola, can be found here.

“In so many ways the sustainability of Catholic urban education depends upon leadership, networking, innovation and good planning. FADICA offers an invaluable service of linking the Catholic donor with the best ideas, practices and human talent, the essentials of success in any field.”

BJ Cassin,
Cassin Educational Initiative Foundation