Member Programs

FADICA Award in Catholic Philanthropy

FADICA conferred its Award in Catholic Philanthropy on individuals or organizations that demonstrate moral integrity, spiritual commitment to Catholic values and principles, and extraordinary service through charitable giving.

  • Kathleen McCarthy Kostlan (2017). In recognition of her Catholic philanthropic leadership in California and beyond as the Chair of the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation, through which she has significantly impacted and sustained Catholic organizations for a vital Church and the common good, including educational and medical institutions. 
  • Robert A. Smith, III (2017). In honor of his leadership and support to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and Church ministries in the Los Angeles region, and as President of the Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation where he has advanced community-based initiatives to help low-income families.
  • Anthony B. Brenninkmeyer (2015). In honor of his lifelong committment to bringing Catholic values to life and serving the Common Good.
  • Big Shoulders Fund (2011). In celebration of its transformative impact upon the lives of students and on the quality of education in the urban Catholic schools of Chicago; in heartfelt praise of its extraordinary efforts to mobilize and unite people of goodwill in the cause of educational opportunity for families in poverty; and in spirited tribute to the ingenuity, leadership, integrity, and change-producing ideas that have distinguished its philanthropy.
  • Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters (2010). For its philanthropic vision, meritorious service, and outstanding example in encouraging the world wide ministries of Catholic women religious.
  • Sr. Sally Duffy, SC (2009). In recognition of her heroic leadership within the Catholic philanthropic community in responding to the needs of women religious of New Orleans, whose educational and social ministries were severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina; and in admiration and respect for her love for the poor and her passion for social justice.
  • Tom and Marilyn Donnelly (2005). In recognition of their Christian example of generosity and servant leadership; in praise of their loving concern for the faith life of an emerging generation of Catholics; and in gratitude for the warmth and joy that they have brought to Catholic philanthropy.
  • Fred L. Hofheinz (2004). In praise of his distinguished leadership in religious philanthropy; in appreciation for his encouragement of Catholic stewardship, and in special recognition of his outstaning contribution to the ministry and vitality of Catholicism in the United States.
  • John J. O’Neil (2001). In a spirit of gratitude and praise for a life of quiet good deeds and love for the poor, for an inspiring Christian example of generosity, unwavering faith and living for others (awarded posthumously).
  • George and Marie Doty (1999). In a spirit of profound admiration, affection, and gratitude, and in recognition of their generous and caring lives in service to humanity and to the church.
  • Erica P. John (1993). In recognition of the DeRance Foundation’s extraordinary contribution to Catholic life, to the advancement of the Gospel, and to the service of the poor; in grateful acknowledgement of the supportive role the DeRance Foundation played in the development of FADICA; and in heartfelt praise for her inspiring example of courage and faith.
  • John M. Bruderman (1989). In grateful acknowledgment as a founding member and animating force behind the development of FADICA and the direction of its board; in celebration of his more than capable stewardship and personal integrity, qualities that embody fidelity to one’s religious convictions and a concern for others that finds a steady manifestation of generosity and commitment of oneself.
  • Peter S. Robinson (1986). In grateful acknowledgement of his extraordinary vision, energy, and inspiring leadership in founding FADICA; in recognition of his exemplary and conscientious devotion to the development and renewal of Catholic life; and in sincere thankfulness to his colleagues in the Breencanda Foundation for their exceptional moral and material support of the FADICA organization.
  • Loyola Foundation, Inc. (1985). In grateful acknowledgment of its exemplary leadership and its exceptionally generous moral and material support for the mission activity of the Catholic church throughout the world; in recognition of the conscientious way in which it has so graciously endeavored to give witness to the values of philanthropic cooperation in service to the church; and in sincere thankfulness for its indispensable involvement in the founding and development of FADICA.
  • Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities, Inc. (1983). In grateful recognition of the Raskob Foundation’s extraordinary foresight in helping to found and to build an organization furthering the ideal of philanthropic association in service to the Church; in thankful acknowledgement of the Raskob Foundation’s exceptional level of personal participation, moral and material support for FADICA itself, and in sincere appreciation for the outstanding example of integrity, vision, and lay leadership which the members of the Raskob Foundation have shown to their colleagues in the Catholic donor community.