FADICA members are continually attuned and responsive to the needs of the Church, the vulnerable and the common good.


Whether it’s identifying trends, anticipating areas for impact and knowledge, or catalyzing opportunities for action, FADICA members’ passion and commitment drives substantial, lasting change.



40 Years of Impact

For 40 years, FADICA members have demonstrated a spirituality of giving through deep faith and commitment to the vitality of the Catholic Church. Today, these values are as strong as ever. Learn more about FADICA’s 40-year history of success and how the value of FADICA’s faith-inspired network continues today.



At the intersection of Catholic faith and philanthropy, FADICA’s network is the ideal way to deepen and advance your faith-inspired philanthropy. FADICA ensures that its members are informed, connected, and engaged so that your giving will have lasting impact on the needs of the Church and her role in society for years to come.