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Timothy and Wendy Connors

Timothy and Wendy Connors

Catholic causes are the focus of Wendy and Tim Connors’ philanthropy, including the University of Notre Dame, Catholic Charities San Francisco, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Saint Raymond Parish, and Sacred Heart Prep High School. Tim and Wendy have also co-founded and funded, the free app and web platform to help parishes grow their community and increase members’ involvement and giving. This effort grew out of Wendy and Tim’s learnings from helping turn around an atrophying parish at St Raymond, a parish that has now doubled in size in the last five years.

Tim is the founder of PivotNorth Capital and a 25-year veteran of Silicon Valley, having co-founded five companies. He has built an extensive career in engineering and technology, and as a venture capitalist. Tim’s philosophy is to serve as a “builder,” working with founders and their startups from their beginnings and providing immense mentorship in the development of their businesses.

Wendy is “chief empathy officer” for the Connors’ philanthropic efforts, identifying key unmet needs in the community. Tim assists in coming up with solutions and identifies founders who can deliver solutions that are scalable from local to global.

“The world is better with a strong Catholic Church. We believe technology can be leveraged to bring small groups together for kinship at a scale never seen before. Kinship is the key to save souls and save the world,” says Wendy.

“We like to fight for the forgotten,” says Tim. “Bring us a passionate founder who is eager to solve the real needs of their neighbor and we can help them scale their influence.”

Tim and Wendy are very much enjoying their first year in the FADICA community and are excited to learn and help with the initiatives of other FADICA members. Says Wendy, “Catholics working together can tackle all the big problems in the world.”