Member News

The Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF) hosted Tomás Insua, founder of the Global Catholic Climate Movement, whose mission is to “bring Laudato Si’ to life.” Anne Cullen Miller, president of CCF, told The Catholic Spirit that the foundation plans to highlight climate change in upcoming programs.

From the article: “Regaining the trust of the public means demonstrating the values of accountability, transparency, and co-responsibility—values that undergird successful leadership and management cultures across many sectors. This new culture and its values must be accompanied by measures that show how people and structures are performing, and steps for taking remedial action when those measures aren’t met.”

FADICA's Board Secretary Karen Rauenhorst (Mark and Karen Rauenhorst Family Foundation) received the first Aim Higher Foundation Award on Sept. 28.

FADICA member The Assisi Foundation of Memphis awarded one million dollars to a new initiative to help health care “super-utilizers” in Memphis’ Region One Health system access appropriate care and improve health outcomes.

Congratulations to SC Ministry Foundation, featured in "Staying Connected: How Five Foundations Understand Those They Seek to Help” by the Center for Effective Grantmaking. The report is an excellent resource for members looking to enhance relationships with grantees.