NextGen Catholic Philanthropy

There has never been a more exciting time to engage the next generation in the vital work of Catholic philanthropy. We know what works for authentic engagement: being welcoming, intentional, supportive, and encouraging.

Catholic Philanthropy Leadership Intern Program

Our internship program is transformative for young Catholic philanthropic students and professionals.

Inspiration and Ideas

FADICA outlines models for young Catholic philanthropic leaders to connect giving to faith.

“There’s always this tension of great angst … and really immense hope. And there is a great desire for the next generation to chart their own course in life – to take things from youth and make them their own.”

-Dr. Angela Patterson, Springtide Institute

“My internship offered many occasions to speak with and learn from experts in philanthropy, including FADICA members. I felt constantly inspired when these chances arose, particularly during the research phase of the [Ebola Crisis and Response] white paper project, when I spoke with numerous courageous Catholics working to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable people.”