Key Publications

Our research focuses on issues important to the field of Catholic philanthropy.

Homelessness: Summary and Analysis (2023)

The state of homelessness research, practice, and policy within the context of Catholic social tradition.

Open Wide the Doors to Christ: A Study of Catholic Social Innovation for Parish Vitality (2020)

Identification of the characteristics, practices, and examples of flourishing parishes.

Managing Governance Change in Pre-K-12 Catholic Schools (2020)

A deeper dive into previous research on Catholic school governance models.

Agents of Awakening: A Review of Anti- Human Trafficking Activities at U.S. Catholic Colleges and Universities (2019)

Aggregated data of anti-trafficking activities from over 100 Catholic college and university campuses nationwide.

The Catholic School Choice: Understanding the Perspectives of Parents and Opportunities for More Engagement (2018)

Attitudes, opinions, and perceptions on Catholic education in America and what drives parents’ decisions about educational choices for their children.

Breathing New Life: An Exploration of Governance Models (2017)

Catholic school governance models and related issues, and illuminates the current landscape, including a matrix to visualize and understand the comparable components of the many models.

Catholic Social Innovation in the Refugee and Migrant Crisis (2017)

Trends in the refugee and migrant crisis as identified by Catholic practitioners and highlights innovative Catholic responses to the crisis overall.

The Next Generation of Catholic Philanthropists: Inspiration and Idea for Engagement (2017)

Themes for effective engagement of the next generation, and real-life examples and ideas from foundations and donors in Catholic and other faith traditions.

A Call to Impact and Solidarity in the Wake of Ebola: Accompanying Catholic Health Networks and Supporting Resiliency in West Africa (2016)

An overview of the Ebola crisis and the international response in the three countries hardest hit by Ebola, and describes a Catholic approach to resiliency key gaps and opportunities for action in alignment with the Holy See’s Ebola response and rebuilding initiative.

Understanding U.S. Catholic Sisters Today (2015)

Highlight major findings of recent sociological studies of U.S. women religious.

Hispanic Leadership and Philanthropy for a 21st Century (2015)

Top trends in experiences had by Latino/a Catholics in the Church by key leaders in Hispanic ministry and the Catholic Church.