Black Catholic Flourishing

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: A Report on U.S. Black Catholic Dreams toward a Just Church is a powerful synthesis of listening and dreaming sessions focused on the experiences, ideas, and dreams of Black Catholic leaders and parishioners in the United States. This report was commissioned by FADICA in partnership with Dr. David Robinson-Morris, a scholar who conducted listening and dreaming sessions with over 380 participants over the course of 3,000 hours. In the report, Dr. Robinson-Morris distills seven themes from the listening sessions and summarizes ten recommendations for Church and Catholic philanthropy leaders. In June 2024, FADICA released the Executive Summary of And the Walls Came Tumbling Down, which shares these findings. 

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More than six years ago, as part of our strategic planning process, FADICA – Catholic Philanthropy Network set out on a journey to commit anew to addressing racism in Catholic philanthropy, the Catholic community, and society. This led to the establishment of our Anti-Racism Ad Hoc Committee of our Board, through which we encountered Dr. Robinson-Morris. FADICA, a team of Black Catholic leaders, and other Church leaders are now discerning next steps of action to address the report’s recommendations in their own context.

We extend our profound gratitude to those who participated in the listening and dreaming sessions with Dr. David Robinson-Morris. The contributions of over 380 participants remain central to FADICA’s reflection, prayer, and action. 

About Dr. David Robinson-Morris

Dr. David Robinson-Morris is the Founder and Chief Reimaginelutionary at The REImaginelution, LLC. The REImaginelution is a strategic consulting firm working across industries at the intersections of imagination, policy, practice, and prophetic hope to radically reimagine systems and institutions toward racial justice and systemic transformation by engendering freedom of the human spirit; and catalyzing the power of the imagination to reweave organizations, systems, and the world for collective healing and liberation.