Explore research into philanthropic sectors through our resource, the Catholic Funding Guide. A paid subscription is required to view.

Global Solidarity

Global Solidarity covers global development, international aid, and disaster relief. The sheer scale can make this sector difficult to navigate and our Global Solidarity Data Intelligence Map and Global Solidarity Clearinghouse are great resources to better understand the space.


Poverty is a complex phenomenon with a variety of causes and effects. Poverty is strongly related to someone’s access to resources, their housing situation, and their demographic characteristics. Find more information using the Understanding Poverty in America data tool.

Parish Life

The parish is where the Church lives, the home of the Catholic community, and the heart of the Church. There are a number of areas to focus your support to strengthen the parish community. 

Catholic Education

Dive into key findings of the NCEA Catholic Education Dashboard. We provide key insights to Catholic funders on student demographics, schools, and enrollment.