FADICA’s Impact Platform is a repeatable, scalable process that engages and convenes funders, Catholic Church leaders, and ministries around priority issues to Catholic philanthropists.

1. Learn

Validate, organize, and incubate more member-driven approaches and solutions.

2. Discern

Increase the effectiveness and sustainability of each initiative through relational advocacy and effective Church partnerships.

3. Act

Amplify and advance these solutions on a larger scale so they are more widely adopted to catalyze change. 

“It is remarkable to be in a space with folks who think the same and are perhaps doing the same work you are, but also stretching you to think about other spaces.  Where else can we be looking?  What else is important?  What else are we missing?  That is one of the strengths of being a FADICA member, helping us think through where we need to be and where our investments are going to be of greatest help.”

Carlos De La Rosa

Program Officer at Porticus North America
New York, NY

Learning and Impact: The Value of Community in Challenging Times

FADICA was launched in 1976 by a small group of Catholic philanthropists who came together to share, learn, and explore common interests together. In our fifth decade, FADICA continues to serve as a catalyst for donors to innovate and make a Catholic-inspired difference in the world.