FADICA’s Catholic Education Initiative seeks to expand the understanding, practice, and support for sustainable Catholic schools through convening funders and leaders in Catholic education, and through commissioned research responsive to member interests and trends in Catholic education. 



Cover Catholic School ChoiceThe Catholic School Choice: Understanding the Perspectives of Parents and Opportunities for More Engagement

The findings of the 2018 market research study which measured the general population’s attitudes, opinions, and perceptions of Catholic education in America are presented in this report. The publication includes an analysis of the factors that parents consider when making decisions about educational choices for their children.  A key resource within the report highlights how dioceses have applied the research to improve curriculum, increase enrollment, and enhance school culture, among other strategies.

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breathing new life
Breathing New Life into Catholic Schools: An Exploration of Governance Models

This 2015 report offers a comprehensive, clearly articulated look at successful models that were in use across the country. With plain language and an intuitive matrix, the white paper details the theory and practice of the most common models and sets out their advantages and disadvantages. Examples of the models are included in the report. (April 2015)

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National Catholic School Mentor Program

Leadership Institute2019

For the 2019-2020 school year, FADICA and the National Catholic Educational Association have partnered to pilot a year-long initiative to equip eleven principals from across the country with the skills and resources needed to apply the findings discovered in The Catholic School Choice research study. Though the program is national in scale, it is designed to impact real change in enrollment and school quality at the local level in each principal’s community and school.

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