Cardinal Felix Recognized for Work with Poor & Disenfranchised

At the first papal consistory held earlier this year, Pope Francis appointed Archbishop Kelvin Edward Felix to Cardinal in recognition of Cardinal Felix’s lifetime of selfless service to the poor and disenfranchised.

Born in Dominica and ordained in 1956, he is the first cardinal to be named from the Antilles bishops’ conference. While serving as Archbishop in St. Lucia, Cardinal Felix worked tirelessly serving the needs of primary and secondary Catholic schools, vocational schools, and homes for the elderly, homeless and orphans.

Currently in Dominica, Cardinal Felix continues his work with the poor and disenfranchised. Through the Cardinal Felix Foundation, Dominica’s most vulnerable population receives much-needed assistance to meet their basic needs. Serving the poor and orphaned children, disadvantaged and abandoned elderly, directionless youth, and those who are disabled in Dominica, the Cardinal Felix Foundation is making a difference to those often forgotten. Formally called the St. Lucia Island Foundation, the Cardinal Felix Foundation is grateful for support from FADICA member foundations serving the Catholic Church in the Caribbean, who have made this crucial work possible.