Catholic Funding Guide Sixth Edition Published / New Version Offered For First Time By Online Subscription

Washington, D.C. – – The Catholic Funding Guide, a directory and database providing information on 1,189 private, corporate, fraternal, and church based funding agencies, has just been published.

The Guide, now in its eleventh year of publication, has been used by thousands of parishes, schools, universities, healthcare institutions, and missionary groups as a resource for preparing grant proposals and reaching funding agencies with Catholic interests.

Over 410 new entries are contained in this new, sixth edition of the The Catholic Funding Guide, and 286 entries contained in the previous edition, published in 2007 were eliminated.

The collective grantmaking of the funders listed in The Catholic Funding Guide totals over $8 billion annually.

The book contains information on Catholic funding agencies operating throughout the world including grant sources under the auspices of the Holy See.

For the first time ever, The Catholic Funding Guide is being made available on a subscription basis online. Online subscribers will have the advantage of searchable functions and a database that is continuously updated over time.

Research for The Catholic Funding Guide is based on a review of government tax records filed by foundations and charities or, when not available, published annual reports. Guide editors look for consistent patterns of grant support for Catholic activities over time rather than sporadic or irregular assistance.

The Guide is presented as a starting point for its users, aiming to save them time in beginning their search for funding assistance. Listed in the Guide are supplemental data bases and research resources like those in the Foundation Center network that can help the user to put together effective proposals and broader donor bases.

The new Guide is available for ordering through the FADICA website at