FADICA’s 2014-2016 Strategic Plan calls for action in three core and interrelated focus areas. These pillars and their associated activities bring our mission to life and seize opportunities for Catholic philanthropy to grow and thrive.

FADICA strategic pillars

FADICA 1pillar

Joint Learning and Enhanced Collaboration

Learning together, collaborating, and partnering to “do more together” for the Church and the common good.


FADICA 2pillars

Expanding Catholic Philanthropy and Stewardship

Making the impact of faith-inspired Catholic philanthropy more visible in the Catholic community and the general public, and engaging of the next generation and emerging philanthropists to ensure a thriving future Catholic philanthropy.


FADICA 3pillars

Nourishing a Spirituality of Philanthropy

Exploring the spirituality of philanthropy and generosity together, to strengthen individual philanthropic vocations and our communal vocation.