Praying for Hurricane Matthew + Resources from Catholic Organizations

FADICA joins in prayer with all those suffering from the impact of Hurricane Matthew across the Caribbean, including Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and now the shores of the continental United States.

Catholic relief organizations Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Caritas Haiti have already shifted into action, moving personnel and transporting and delivering relief items to the most affected area of southern Haiti, where CRS aid workers report that people are beginning to return to markets in search of food and trying to dry clothing and other household items even as the rainfall continues. Catholic Medical Mission Board is actively mobilizing community partners and resources to provide access to clean water, shelter and food for those affected, as well as medical supplies.

“Hundreds of lives have been lost. We have seen roofs blown off houses, damaged homes and waters flooding the streets, but we still don’t know the full scale of the damage. We will be doing all we can to reach the most affected areas as quickly as possible,” says Catholic Relief Services Haiti Country Representative Chris Bessey. “We are very concerned about the damage to crops and food stocks in areas that are important bread baskets in the country.”

CRS and Catholic Health Association (CHA) have activated the power of prayer and are encouraging communities of faith to come together in solidarity and action, using resources provided forprayer and disaster relief. We join CRS, CHA, Caritas Haiti, and others in praying for the families evacuating, seeking shelter and searching for lost ones, and for all the aid workers serving tirelessly during this devastating time.

To find more information and support these Catholic organization’s response efforts, visit CRSCMMB, and Caritas Haiti