Study on Sister-Affiliated Ministries Released by the Sisters of Charity Foundations of South Carolina and Cleveland

The Sisters of Charity Foundations of South Carolina and of Cleveland, both FADICA Members, recently released the results of a ten-year study on Support for Sister-Affiliated Ministries during Challenging Times.

Because of the natural aging of Catholic sisters and a decline in new vocations, there is an accelerating loss of sisters and their ministries nationwide. In response to this concern, the foundations embarked on the Collaboration for Ministry Initiative to encourage and support collaboration among different religious orders and to address the impact this loss has on beneficiaries of ministries.

The study concludes that the primary concern remains, “The ministry-related work done by Catholic sisters is destined to change as fewer and fewer sisters remain to carry out the work…Though the challenge remains and grows ever more urgent, efforts to extend the impact of sisters’ work through new structures and approaches hold great promise.” (“Support for Sister-Affiliated Ministries during Challenging Times.” The Foundation Review: page 21).

To read the press release or the study, click here.