Finding Blessings in Roma Downey’s “Box of Butterflies” by Mary Cunningham Agee

I was introduced to Roma Downey’s Box of Butterflies by a dear friend who gently encouraged me to consider reading this book as a possible source of comfort following the recent death of my husband.

I was willing to try any remedy that might restore hope and healing to my life after years of prolonged sadness while caring for my soulmate – knowing that he would eventually and inevitably succumb to the physical and emotional ravages of Alzheimer’s.

What a blessing this book is! Page after page tenderly soothed my weary soul with the author’s favorite poems, insightful prayers and beautiful works of art. Each chapter formed a consoling tapestry offering grace-filled solace until one morning I discovered my tears had been replaced with a new and softened joy. This enlightened book is a powerful reminder that no matter what tragedy may be encountered in life’s journey – each and every person is infinitely beloved by a Creator who knows them intimately and will not permit them to suffer alone or in vain.

Few books deserve to be referred to as a staple for all spiritual seekers – but Roma’s book does. It is a treasure that belongs on every family’s bookshelf and would be a welcome addition to anyone’s gift list for a friend or family member who may be struggling during one of life’s most difficult seasons.

Many may recall first encountering Roma Downey years ago in her award-winning TV role as Monica in “Touched by an Angel.” It should come as no surprise that this beautiful soul continues to fulfill her powerful life’s purpose as a wise, affirming angelic force as an author – shining the light of her reassuring faith, enduring hope, and empathetic love into our lives. I cannot imagine anyone who would not benefit from reading this inspirational book.