Former Board Members of FADICA Mourned

Washington, DC -A former board chairman and a former board treasurer of FADICA passed away on the same day, April 24th.

Timothy J. O’ Shaughnessy, FADICA’s former board chair, died in South Bend, Indiana, at the age of 68.

“Tim was a generous and perceptive philanthropic leader and board member who embodied care and compassion in all the many things he did for others,” remarked William F. Raskob, FADICA’s current chair.

“The Catholic philanthropic community joins me in applauding Tim’s Christian example, his love for the Catholic church, and his leadership and service in FADICA,” Mr. Raskob added. “Tim and his wonderful family are in our prayers,” he said.

Timothy J. O’ Shaughnessy was president of the I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation of St. Paul.  A Navy veteran and university teacher, Mr. O’ Shaughnessy was also professionally engaged in the world of geriatric care, providing psychological services to nursing homes.  He served on numerous boards including the University of Notre Dame’s Erasmus Center.

George E. Doty Sr., an emeritus member of the FADICA board of directors, and a former board treasurer, also died on the same day as Mr. O’Shaughnessy.

Mr. Doty had been active in FADICA from the mid 1980’s until last year, serving as the organization’s treasurer from 1986 until 1991.

Under Mr. Doty’s leadership, FADICA conducted the first independent management study of the Holy See.  The work centered on auditing capacities and the study led to a major strengthening of financial budgeting and auditing by the Economic Prefecture of the Holy See.

As a philanthropist, Mr. Doty had a particular interest in the work of the Christian community in the Holy Land.  He and his late wife, Marie Doty, who passed away in 2008, worked closely with the Catholic Near East Welfare Association in church rebuilding projects and programs related to the welfare of children.

Mr. Doty’s professional career involved finance and he served in leadership positions with Goldman Sachs from 1964 onward.

In 1999, Mr. Doty and his wife Marie were awarded FADICA’s Charles Carroll Award in Catholic Philanthropy, recognizing a lifetime of exceptional generosity to Catholic causes.

“George Doty’s amazing life as a professional leader who inspired excellence, as a benefactor whose example influenced the generosity of others, and as a person of faith who was devoted to encouraging the church in every way he could to achieve its mission, has been a gift to all of us,” said Mr. Raskob.  “We will cherish George’s memory always.”