Philanthropy from 3 to 13

Just before Catholic schools began Easter break, I was honored to participate on behalf of FADICA in St. Augustine Catholic School’s Career Day– a great way to spend St. Patrick’s day in Washington DC! It was a truly inspiring day all around, and especially wonderful to see the St. Augustine teachers and students in action.

Founded in 1858, four years before public education became mandatory for African American children in the nation’s capital, today St. Augustine’s is a pre-K through 8th grade Catholic school sponsored by St. Augustine Catholic Church—the mother church of African American Catholics in Washington DC. Pastor Patrick Smith and Principal Sr. Gloria Agumagu are incredible faith-filled leaders, whose dedication and care for the students and the greater community is awe-inspiring.

It was both a joy and a welcome challenge to attempt to effectively communicate the role and work of faith-based philanthropy and FADICA to 3-year-olds and then to teenagers! A group of over 20 adults spanning diverse careers spoke to students at all grade levels – all of whom were engaged. St. Augustine 8th graders served as team captains, shepherding the teams of adults around the school and keeping us all on schedule.

Congratulations to St. Augustine School for daily fulfillment of your mission to teach and serve, and to help goodness spread. Your students truly manifest the joy of Easter!

Alexia Kelley